hyaluronic acid - scary name ! but why its great for rosacea


In the world of skincare, trendy ingredients come and go but not so with hyaluronic acid.....It is one of the very best skincare ingredients for all skintypes.

  • One gram of hyaluronic acid holds up to 6 litres if water ( similar absorbing qualities as the insides of a childs nappy )

doing a bit of reading up on this hyaluronic acid thingy............

only this is no nasty chemical. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our skin and is responsible for the plumped up appearance of our skin.

Its also incredibly gentle, and great for very sensitive skin types such as rosacea. It also acts as an anti oxidant.....So far so good... But if you go into your local LIDL and Aldi, you will also see very cheap skincare with hyaluronic acid....

So why choose our finca serum ?
Because we dont spoil this one teriffic ingredient by piling lots of chemicals in along with it in our serum formula....
We keep things nice and simple...just organic rosehip oil, (its easily absorbed and chock full of calming omega oils) ..then we add slightly heavier oils, jojoba and argan and finally a small amount of macadamia oil - a heavier oil ideal for maturing skin types....and finish it all off with a heavy dose of hyaluronic acid to make a no fuss, no fillers, luxury, super hydrating serum to calm your sensitised rosacea skin

and all of that in a 50ml bottle....(most skincare serums are 30ml)
for just € 28 ....available to BUY NOW at

here's to Spring !

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