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flying and rosacea

by Finola Fegan

A US study of twins in 2015 showed that rosacea occurred more often in the identical twins. This suggests that genes play a substantial role in the development of rosacea even when environmental factors are taken into account.

However the same study also found that lifetime UV radiation exposure is the biggest factor in the development of rosacea. This would seem to correspond to numerous surveys in the US and Europe that UV radiation is the no. 1 trigger for rosacea sufferers worldwide

I had first hand experience of this myself recently, on a flight from Ireland to France. I was sitting in the aisle seat with my friend in the middle seat. Another girl who we didnt know had the window seat. My friend knew i had sensitive skin but had never seen me go into a full blown rosacea flush. Sure enough as the plane settled at high altitude and the aeroplane window blind fully up i began to get all the sensation of a massive rosacea flush.

I asked the girl at the window to pull down the blind which she pulled down but only half way. My face, according to my friend, was a deep fiery red and i felt so uncomfortable...I reached into my bag and pulled out my factor 30 plus and after a few minutes and with the plane air diffusers directed at my face, finally my face calmed down..


I should have remembered that according to the WHO World Health Organisation, at higher altitudes a thinner atmosphere filters less UV radiation. With every 1000 metres increase in altitude, UV levels increase by 10%.

So my advice when you get on a plane...try to get a window seat and pull down the blind fully...apply your high spf and direct the plane air diffusers towards your face

Also it is well known that the air in aeroplanes is really dry – around 20% humidity. Our skin loves humidity at around 40% to 70%. So the trick is to moisturise and to keep the skin well hydrated. Apply the type 1 serum first and then the moisturiser on top to stop moisture loss.

So rosacea and flying don’t have to be something to worry about. Stopping your face from going red while on an aeroplane, can be something that can be controlled

Sit back and enjoy your flight..... Safe travels


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