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How to Cure My Red Nose

by Finola Fegan

This is what I am asked about time and time again It's the thing we rosacea sufferers hate most of all and the one thing we really want to get control of. Firstly back to basics. There are two main types of rosacea.

Rosacea Type 1 and Type 2

Type 1 and Type 2, or as It's prefer to call them dry rosacea and oily rosacea – and we can often have a combination of the two with the oily rosacea being usually confined to the nose and cheeks, and that’s important to remember because understanding the cause often leads to the cure of the symptoms.

Typical early stage rosacea nose – its easy to see the open pores (indicating enlarged sebacaeous glands / oil producers ) which are typically associated with this type of rosacea.

rosacea red nose

Above has the typical rosacea redness but also beneath the surface are bumps/pustules. These often are sore and can leave the nose slightly swollen and misshapen in appearance.

Above has the typical rosacea redness but also beneath the surface are bumps/pustules. These often are sore and can leave the nose slightly swollen and misshapen in appearance.

rosacea red nose
rosacea red nose


Finally, as shown in the last two photographs, in later stages the nose has a distinct bulbous appearance. The nose may have small yellow bumps on the skin surface. These growths are lumpy and have a central indentation that’s actually the opening of the pore.

The enlargement, thickening and bulbous shape to the nose is due to a joining together of enlarged oil glands under the skin surface (this may be a subtle roundness of the nose shape or an extreme thickening and lumpiness called rhinophyma).

Where there is extreme thickening and very bulbous nature of the nose, this is commonly caused by a build up of lymph fluid and implies that the lymphatic system is clogged. The bodies lymph system is affected by bad diet – rich food inc high histamine food and alcohol, stress, lack of exercise etc.

Lymph transforms the initially soft swollen tissue into a harder tissue with stiffer, thicker skin. The surface is often red and has more obvious blood vessels. The skin often looks like orange peel because of the enlarged pores. This extreme thickening and bulbous shape is more common in men older than 40 years and men suffer more often than women (about 6 times). Science is still not sure why that is.

The Treatments

The Finca Skin Organics Type 2 Rosacea Serum works in lots of ways to reduce swelling and inflammation of the nose. 

Finca skin organics type 2 rosacea serum user

Firstly, it contains tea tree oil to naturally reduce the numbers of skin mites hence reducing redness and inflammation. Recent research has shown that Type 2 Rosacea sufferers often have an overabundance of skin mites by a factor of 8 and it is these mites which are often the cause of inflammation and redness.

Secondly, It also contains zinc oxide which the american dermatology association said decreases the production of sebum (skin oil) and speeds up the healing process.

Thirdly, the Finca Skin Organics Type 2 Serum contains a natural sebum reducing agent which will help reduce the numbers of pustules on the nose.

And finally the serum has a natural carvacrol compound which helps in treating the skin combined with a natural antiseptic and antibacterial action keeping the skin clean and clear from infection.

And all in a gentle and natural formula . We recommend taking a before photograph and another 6 weeks later to best judge % improvements.

A review from one of our Type 2 customers.


My nose is less red and less swollen but most importantly for me, not a spot, not one outbreak since late January/feb. I can't tell you the relief of waking in the morning and seeing another clear day.

40 yr old lady with Type 2 rosacea for approx 6 years:


That serum was great for my nose and has really cleared it up. You are producing something great here.

Irish Male 50’s

Its best to seek help early on with rosacea. When its left to its own devices it normally gets worse over time. The swelling increases and the nose becomes bulbous.. From what some of our customers have been telling us, our Type 2 Serum unclogs the pores.

They tell us that white pasty fluid sometimes leaks from the skin of the nose. This indicates a loosening of dead skin and sebum. The sebaceous glands (which produce oil in the skin) in rosacea noses can dilate greatly, which is why the pores on the nose may appear so large.

Further Treatment of the nose.

Any visible red veins on the surface respond well to diathermy laser therapy – not painful at all – and I have zero level of pain threshold so I can recommend that. Rhinophyma is the very end stage process of Acne Rosacea, an overgrowth of the sebaceous (oil) glands of the nose. Once the nose has significantly enlarged, there are a few ways to normalise the appearance.

Excess skin can be removed with surgical excision, electrocautery (electrically heated needle), or laser. New forms of laser used by dermatologists (called “Erbium YAG” laser) are giving the best results.


Rosacea serum as a solution for red nose
Rosacea serum as a solution for red nose 2

The results make the expense of the surgery so worthwhile and life changing.

So there you have it. My very best on what you can do for your red nose. It’s always the same Attention to diet, the correct skincare/ treatment (Finca serum) and finally if your nose is similar to the last photograph surgery may be the best and most effective option. The old saying is true, make yourself a priority once in a while – it’s not selfish – it’s necessary!