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how your diet affects your rosacea

by Finola Fegan

We all know that diet plays an important role in having great skin but it is even more important for rosacea sufferers. We need to avoid flushing if at all possible..

Rosacea is all about avoiding external triggers – mainly UV light and also internal triggers.. when we become aware of what causes flushing of the skin then we can begin to know the ways to avoid it.

Every time your face flushes it can lead to dilation of the small blood vessels beneath the skin and in time then these become visible broken veins and of course the characteristic rosacea redness can accompany it.

rosacea broken capillaries

So what foods to avoid ? Simple ...Any foods that result in internal heat !.....

We know the rules...avoid red wine – BIG trigger !! and lots of different types of alcohol – if we still want to drink..try clear alcohol with water or club soda mixers and cucumber and lemon and alternate it with water. Also, when you arrive home from an evening of drinking alcohol - make having a large drink of water your habit....

rosacea diet alcohol

Food – avoid foods that release histamine – these can be citrus fruits suprisingly...though try to become aware of what your own food triggers are as these can vary individually... Avoid warming spices – ginger, cumin, black their nature they ‘feel’ warming when taken and that can produce a warming effect on the face....

Sugars and starches.....sugar – or more precisely glucose is fast burning, high octane fuel for your cells. Unlike other forms of slow release carbohydrates, glucose does not need to be broken down before it provides the body with energy. It can enter the bloodstream quickly and give the cells a rapid energy hit. This ultimately causes inflammation and skin issues...

Things to eat ? unfortunately bland food is your best friend.......Cucumbers, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, broccoli, celery, cauliflower...basically any vegetable that you can imagine is quite bland..... Try soothing spices like coriander and turmeric. When you think about it -coriander and turmeric are used a lot in Indian food -temperatures in that part of the world are high and soothing spices such as coriander and turmeric could be used to produce a cooling effect..Smart !!

Salmon is full of omega 3's and omega 3’s are a great anti inflammatory – ie. great at reducing salmon is best.. Non citrus fruit – grapes, melon, mango and low sugar fruit eg. Blackberries and kiwi..olives and avocado are low sugar fruits as well

rosacea diet

Bland yoghurts – greek is great !

Eat a diet made up of a third fresh vegetables – a third protein, and low glycemic carbs. Eg oats, because gluten is also inflammatory avoid gluten containing grains eg wheat. Beneficial starches can be brown rice, lentils, turnips, sweet potatoes All omega 3’s including supplements ....flaxseed oil, walnuts, macadamia nuts..

Stay hydrated ! drink lots of pure water...

Take care of your skin as best you can...



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