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the natural affordable alternative to Soolantra

by Finola Fegan

If you suffer with sub-type 2 rosacea (or acne rosacea as some know it) you will know the daily struggle. Keeping type 2 under wraps isn’t an easy task and requires constant, consistent work.

From monitoring your diet, adapting it regularly, sticking to a strict skincare regime and using medication, it’s still hard to predict and keep up with.


We know that what we put on and into our body is going to cause a reaction either positive or negative. When diagnosed with type 2 rosacea, it’s common to be prescribed with antibiotics aimed at reducing inflammation and redness. However, relying on this medication for long periods of time or indefinitely can pose many well-known health risks.

So, what’s often prescribed is Soolantra – an Ivermectin based cream. Soolantra is antibiotic-free, and is approved for the treatment of inflammatory lesions or bumps of type 2 rosacea.

Approved in 2014, its effectiveness in treating type 2 rosacea, has been widely praised and recognised.

Costs and Effects

The cost of Soolantra varies, but at for example, up to $390 for a 30 gram tube in the USA, lasting approximately one month. it’s not a cheap option to keep using. It also has to be prescribed by a doctor or dermatologist.

Price aside, it also doesn’t come without some health risks, albeit small. This very much depends on the individual, and also even whether they may have used too much of the cream. The most common of the side effects include burning sensations on the skin, further irritation, skin dryness and itchy eyes. It also should only be used when pregnant if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus.


Ivermectin, the active ingredient in Soolantra isn’t actually an antibiotic, meaning that people don’t build up the same quick resistance to it.

The drug was widely used in veterinary practice long before 2014, to kill off over-abundances of parasites on animals. When researchers discovered that demodex mites were the potential source of the symptoms of type 2 rosacea, this led to human trials of Ivermectin.

Demodex mites are a micro-organism found on all humans that feed on sebum (the oil on your skin) at night. Type 2 rosacea is an underlying oily skin condition – the excess oil means an excess on demodex mites. When these mites die, it contributes to a bacterial build up believed to cause the symptoms of type 2 or acne rosacea.

The Natural Alternative

While many people praise the effectivity of Soolantra, staying on any chemical drug indefinitely isn’t a preference due to cost and health risks (even if small). The good news is that there are cheaper, natural, over-the-counter alternatives that are just as effective, such as the finca skin organics Rosacea Type 2 Serum.

finca skin organics type 2 rosacea serum

This serum works basically in the same way as Soolantra – as it works to reduce the number of mites on your face. The difference is that the serum takes it a step further and reduces one of the mites’ food source - sebum (natural skin oil).

Our serum contains the ingredient sulphur, well known for controlling sebum production. Reducing the levels of sebum subsequently reduces the number of demodex mites. Sulphur is a natural ingredient and numerous studies credit it with reducing sebum levels and production.

Clean, Plant Based Formulation

The clean, plant-based formulation of the Type 2 Serum avoids the use of harmful chemicals which can further irritate sensitive skin. Instead we’ve opted for a clean, plant-based solution that is kind to skin while providing the same outcome.

This is our best-selling product in the finca skin organics range because of its speedy nature of eliminating the symptoms.

It contains two active ingredients - Tea Tree Oil and Oil of Oregano which are formulated in a gentle serum.

It also contains Zinc Oxide, which has been shown to help reduce all forms of acne as it soothes skin and eases inflammation. Thats one of the reasons why it is an essential ingredient in nappy rash creams, and if its gentle enough for babies then its gentle enough for rosacea skintypes.

The formula also contains Licorice Root Extract which is also a proven anti-inflammatory and moisturizer.

Clear Results

Results can be seen after 3 weeks of consistent use, day and night.

After 6 weeks, a 40% reduction can be seen in redness and pustules. Some of our customers have seen improvements even sooner than that. After 6 weeks of use skin will continue to improve and use can be reduced to just once, at night.

Our serum is the only type 2 treatment widely available free from Tretinoin, Ivermectin or Isopropyl Alcohol.

The serum only contains 9 ingredients which are listed on the product page! At finca skin organics we strive to maintain our clean strategy...we know that if we reduce the number of ingredients in our formulations then we reduce the risk of irritation to the skin..


We have received so much positive feedback for our Type 2 Serum, with customers praising it’s quick effectiveness. Have a look at some of the positive messages we’ve received from our customers in the past month (Dec 2019 -Jan 2020)

“After a week or 2 it started to clear up. I now have clear skin for the first time in years. I am absolutely over the moon to say the least. I really cannot believe it. I have even had vinegar and a couple of glasses of wine over the last couple of weeks and some spicy food without an outbreak (pushing it…). Thank you so much. I will be a customer for a long time to come. And I am spreading the word to people that I know with rosacea.”

“HELP! I’ve been using your type 2 serum for the first time. It’s taken to the bottom of the bottle but I’m finding that the redness and pustules have considerably reduced. I’ve tried to purchase more as I was scraping the bottom of the bottle this morning but I can’t see it on the website.”

“I just wanted to write to you to say thank you. I have suffered from rosacea for the past ten years. I have tried so many different things to get rid of it from a series of facial treatments to endless creams to tablets to being told that laser is my only option. I cannot believe my eyes when I look in the mirror now. I have been taking the cider vinegar, oil of oregano and the type two cream for just over a week and in this short space of time I feel like I have new skin. I am so happy, thank you. Best Christmas present ever!!”