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tips to control your rosacea on your holidays

by Finola Fegan

UV light according to major surveys carried out by the American rosacea society (AARS) is the single biggest trigger for rosacea sufferers in the US. This can mean a constant dread of holidays and peak temperatures that can trigger flush of rosacea.

HOLIDAYs and rosacea

But there are some simple things you can do to limit the damage caused by UV radiation from the sun. Remember a few simple things.

UV levels are highest at midday when the sun is highest in the sky. It is important for rosacea sufferers to limit the hours they spend in the sun around midday

Rosacea is not called the curse of the celts for no reason. Rosacea affects typically what could be called – Irish skin that is inclined to be thin, easily burned in the sun and inclined to redness when exposed to other environmental triggers such as cold and we are not Italians !

couple no roasacea

No - we are not the above - accept it and move on......

We can not stride into the sun and expect a golden tan. We have to accept our skins limitations and treat it gently and with respect for its sensitivity. 

Use a physical SPF . ie a sunfactor that has zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as its base. Stay clear of chemical sunscreens. If your local pharmacy is unsure of what to recommend to you then begin to look yourself at the ingredient list. Sometimes high spf for babies/kids can be a good starting point... Finca skin organics sell a tinted physical sunscreen. This might not suit men though because of the tint in it...It is a great product for women .

It combines the correct sunscreen for sensitive skin in a short list of ingredients especially designed for rosacea skintypes. The tint helps to tone down any initial redness and the oil base is great for dry skintypes – typically type 1 rosacea sufferers.

The next thing to remember when you are on vacation is that even in a cloudy sky, UV light can filter through. Only on a very cloudy day UV may be reduced by about 70%. Otherwise when clouds are scattered or light then be extra careful. According to the WHO (World Health organisation) dry sand reflects 15% UV light, and sea foam 25%. So a beach umbrella is a good choice but its not completely foolproof.

If you're hiring a car while on holidays you still need a sunscreen while driving. The window blocks UVA light but UVB can still get through. Tinted windows can keep out 4 times as much light as regular windows so consider this when hiring your holiday car.

If youre on a ski vacation remember that snow can reflect up to 80% of the suns rays.. And what about alcohol. Its completely unfair to expect is to abstain from alcohol on our holidays so what to do about it .?...

.From reading about the actual experience of rosacea sufferers online it seems that if we want to drink alcohol then it has to be the clear variety. Ie. Avoid beer, red wine etc etc. Vodka and gin seem best and its also important not to mix it with sugary drinks. Eg cola or lemonades...try neat or with water or soda water.....for ladies - try a skinny bitch ! ive just discovered it – vodka , soda water and a twist of lime...low on calories and if chased with a big glass of water – not at all bad for rosacea !! an irish woman chasing alcohol with a big glass of water .? who knew such a thing?

Enjoy your vacation Love finola x