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why sensitive skin ages faster and what you can do about it

by Finola Fegan


First - the bad news !  ….sensitive skin ages quicker.

But the good news is that we can do something about it.

Sensitive skin is generally fragile, easily weakened and can therefore age faster. People with dark skin often look much younger than their pale skinned peers.

Think David Bowies wife Iman......Still fantastic looking in her 60's...

I know...sickening isn't it ….but move on...

When pale skin is combined with rosacea -particularly the type 1 variety then we really do need to start looking after it. The harshest but best skin advice given to me was by a girl working in The Body Shop in Derry N Ireland ...yes those Derry girls really know how to sock it to you.....I was in my early twenties at the time and was already beginning to develop the classic Type 1 rosacea symptoms-or what we at finca like to call ETR rosacea – ie. generally underlying bone dry dehydrated skin. She had a good look at my skin and then proclaimed  -'' if you don't start looking after that skin you will be a very old looking woman by the time you are thirty'' That woke me up....

I was later to learn that Type 1 rosacea skin lacks two very simple things – oil and water.

Water is lost through the skin faster than other skintypes directly as a result of the lack of natural oils in type 1/ETR rosacea skin.

type 1 rosacea skin

Then as you age your skin begins to slow down the production of collagen and elastin and this can lead to fine lines. Your already delicate sensitive skin becomes finer and even more fragile. Combined with sun exposure and your skin has a constant fight on its hands to stay in great shape.

So what can we do about it....First of all – SPF....Sunprotection in our skincare on a daily basis is our best defence against ageing skin caused by UV light.

I know a guy who owns a pharmacy in Ireland who is in his fifties and who sells all manner of skincare creams and potions. When asked what he recommends for anti aging, he says just one thing – ''sunscreen''.....every time!

It is good advice. ...So, choose a sunfactor with both UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) in a physical type formulation. Ie. One with either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide in the formulation. Both of these sit on the skin rather than sink in and act as a physical barrier to the sun and are the very best for sensitive skintypes.

Regular sunscreens use chemical formulations and these penetrate the skin layers and can cause sensitivity in already sensitive skin. The finca skin organics sunscreen is tinted and is ideal for type 1 /ETR rosacea because it contains just 7 ingredients |(clean formulation) – is plant oil based and also has zinc oxide as its physical sunscreen....



For those of you with type 2 rosacea its probably a bit too oily – sorry.!!.. ...

Next – look after and respect the skin that you have. Rosacea as a skin condition isnt easy – but the general anti ageing rules for all skintypes still apply to us...just in gentle, clean (minimal ingredient) formulations....

As we age we need serums and richer oilier based creams. Add to damp skin and we can get oil and water in one easy step. For type 1 rosacea use an oil based serum with hyaluronic acid in it. (Such as the finca skin organic type 1 serum).. Hyaluronic acid is accepted by even the most sensitive skin types and can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water..Its excellent for all skintypes. Remember what we are trying to do - stop that water loss across the skin..which leads to dryness/dehydration and rosacea redness

For type 2 rosacea think more gel like/ water based serums. 

Finally all the anti aging diet rules apply. Drink plenty of water, avoid spicy foods. Eat more green veg and follow a meditarean type diet. Ie. One rich in omega 3’s think olive oil, oily fish. Take omega 3 supplements daily if you feel that your diet is lacking in these foodtypes.

Alcohol – avoid if you can – reduce intake if you cant and stay clear of red wines and beers if at all possible.....Vodka, club soda and cucumber is now my drink of choice ...with plenty of olives on the side. 

Love Finola x

finca skin organics - clean plant based skincare for your sensitive skin !