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Finca Skin Organics

Rosacea Serum Sub-Type 2


  • ► Visible Reduction in pustules and bumps
  • ► Reduced facial redness
  • ► Reduced swelling
  • ► All natural ingredients in patent pending formulation

Product Summary

Finca type 2 serum includes a unique formulation for targetting the pustules/bumps and pimples associated with type 2 rosacea. It has a clean plant, based formulation product without the use of chemicals which can further irritate rosacea type 2 skin.

The finca serum is the best selling product of the finca range. Its active ingredients tea tree and oil of oregano are formulated in a gentle serum also containing zinc oxide for healing and licorice root. Licorice roots main component glycyrrhizinate has been proven time and time again to be an effective anti-inflammatory and moisturizer.

Product Description

Typically our customers see results within 3 weeks of constant use. With 40% reduction in overall redness, bumps, pustules and pimples within 6 weeks and continuing improvements in the skin after that. Usually after 12 weeks only maintenance is needed with application reduced from twice a day to once only- last thing at night.

The science

Evidence is mounting, that an overabundance of Demodex mites on the face, may trigger an immune response in people with rosacea, or that the inflammation may be caused by bacteria associated with the mites.

The mites are most plentiful in the same regions of the face that are most commonly affected by rosacea — the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead — and that large quantities of mites have been found in biopsies of rosacea papules and pustules.

Finca type 2 serum acts against the demodex mite in reducing its numbers to normal skin levels and hence reducing inflammation and associated pustules/pimples.


A review from one of our Type 2 customers:

"My nose is less red and less swollen but most importantly for me, not a spot, not one outbreak since late January/feb. I can't tell you the relief of waking in the morning and seeing another clear day."

40 year old woman with Type 2 rosacea for approx 6 years:

"That serum was great for my nose and has really cleared it up. You are producing something great here."
  • ● water, grapeseed oil,
  • ● zinc oxide,
  • ● tea tree oil,
  • ● oil of oregano,
  • ● licorice root extract,
  • ● caffeine,
  • ● emulsifying wax,
  • ● preservative eco.
Apply two times daily but especially last thing at night just before bed - to areas affected by bumps/pustules/pimples.
Rosacea Serum Sub Type 2

Rosacea Serum Sub-Type 2