Udo's Choice Adult's Blend Probiotic 60 capsules

Emerging research is finding that the benefits of probiotics extend beyond the digestive tract to the skin. In fact, skin prone to acne or rosacea has shown improvement with daily probiotic use.

The probiotics line the gut and create a healthy, sealed barrier that prevents inflammation that can trigger rosacea.

Finola says: Online rosacea forums are full of examples of people who show before and after photos where the use of probiotics together with trigger avoidance, diet and lifestyle changes etc, have helped in controlling their rosacea. Also for those who have been prescribed antibiotics to treat the symptons of rosacea – taking a probiotic is a good idea as antibiotics naturally destroy some of the body's good bacteria as well as the bad. This would be particularly important for someone on long term antibiotics.

Price: €23.99