oil of oregano 90 softgels natures alternative to anti biotics

oil of oregano is the natural alternative to oral anti biotics. Reviews by real life sufferers in online rosacea forums have been positive for the treatment of type 2 rosacea.

Some sufferers have even recommended alternating prescribed anti biotics with oil of oregano capsules...

"I read about OIL OF OREGANO. I still cannot believe this oil saved me from ever using meds again. " US rosacea sufferer

Dr. Meschino, Director of the RenaiSanté Institute of Integrative Medicine, has been treating rosaceans with herbs and probiotics. "The only other thing that I do, which is remarkably successful, is to give those clients with rosacea a supplement containing oil of oregano. Patients on the oil of oregano see 80 percent to 90 percent improvement in their rosacea, he says

Nature knows best!!

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