omega 3 softgels for dry eyes

At we are always interested in non biased clinical research...and a recent study of participants with dry eye syndrome have shown that those taking supplements of omega 3 showed a signficant reduction in inflammation and associated grittiness.

Most experts believe the ration of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids in a healthy diet should be 4 to 1 or lower. Unfortunately, the typical Western diet, characterised by lots of meat and processed foods , tends to contain 10 to 30 times more omega 6 (bad) than omega 3 (good) fatty acids. This imbalance appears to be a contributing cause to serious inflammatory health problems, including heart disease and arthritis. The Asian population whose diet consists of lots of fresh fish has substantially lower cancer rates compared to those who consume a typically Western diet.

Omega 3 is found naturally in sardines, herring, salmon and tuna. However, if you find it difficult to integrate fish into your weekly diet then omega 3 supplements are an easy way of doing say goodbye to dry eye syndrome and say hello to good health with omega 3 softgels !!!

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