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Finca Skin Organics

Summer Balm


  • ► Super moisturised and hydrated skin
  • ► All natural formulation - minimal ingredient list
  • ► Natural UV filter
  • ► No fragrance
  • ► Eco cert approved gentle preservative
  • ► Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skintypes

    Product Summary

    A soothing and moisturising balm in a plant based formulation. Contains minimum ingredient formulation which makes the balm perfect for very sensitive skintypes such as rosacea. This balm works best for Sub Type 1 Rosacea where the skin barrier has been compromised.

    The unique formulation includes anti inflammatory plant oils including green tea, cucumber oil and licorice root extract. UV protection is provided naturally by raspberry seed oil in high strength formulation giving UVA and UVB all round protection.

    Product Description

    The super moisturising formulation contains active plant oils including the following raspberry seed oil - natural high UV filter properties - studies show, depending on quantity used and origin of seed, a UV protection factor of 15 up to 40.

    We only use high grade seed oil and in high active amounts in our summer balm formulation...

    Green tea - clinical studies show it acts as an anti inflammatory and has natural anti oxidant properties...

    Cucumber oil - contains naturally high amounts of phystosterols which improve skin elasticity...

    Jojoba oil - the closest oil in nature to your own skin sebum - absorbs easily and super moisturising...

    Licorice root extract - soothing and anti inflammatory - clinical studies show it reduces redness and itching - its just a great ingredient for super sensitive skin and all of the above protected with an eco cert approved preservative...

    • ● water,
    • ● raspberry seed oil,
    • ● olive oil, jojoba oil,
    • ● emulsifier,
    • ● organic rosehip oil,
    • ● cucumber seed oil,
    • ● dimethicone,
    • ● green tea oil,
    • ● licorice root extract,
    • ● hyaluronic acid,
    • ● organic beeswax,
    • ● shea butter,
    • ● eco cert approved preservative.

    Skincare is better able to lock in moisture when applied to slightly face. Apply first thing in the morning to clean damp skin.

    If using a serum then the balm is applied after the serum.Just wait a minute after applying the serum before applying the balm. A little goes a long way.

    Then apply again last thing at night to let your skin benefit from its richly moisturising oils.

    Keep balm out of direct sunlight or bright interior lights.

    Keep lid closed when not in use..

    Summer Balm for Rosacea and Dry Skin

    Summer Balm